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There are certain factors that determine the cost of your order. They are:

  1. Type of service selected;
  2. How many pages you need;
  3. The academic level of the customer;
  4. Time limit for the paper’s delivery;
  5. Extra characteristics (if the customer indicates any).
  • We guarantee that if you find the price that is less than the quote, which you get at, we will give you a discount in order to adjust the price. Here is a table that contains prices per page explicated. Also, there is an option to review the price in your preferable currency.
  • Please, note that the customers form EU will be charged 20% VAT additionally.
  • Primary research is not included in the price quote, which you can find in here. It means that writers do not complete questionnaires, surveys, interviews etc. This option requires extra cost. Instead of it, you can get the hypothetical data from the writer.

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Additional Features (requiring extra payment):

  • Editor’s service is an option for getting your paper checked by the professional qualified editor who is a native speaker from the UK, USA or Canada. This service is performed after your assigned writer finishes working on the paper.
  • Summary page. When you are required to write a summary or an abstract you are welcome to get it by ordering this extra feature at our website.
  • Writer’s sample can be ordered in case you need one of the previous works completed by your writer to check his style and level of writing.

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