Money Back Policy

The discourse of our company is equipping our customers with an opportunity to get the academic assistance service of the highest quality. Since we are well-armed with more than a 5-year experience our company has a proper understanding of what the customer necessitates and takes every single customer’s want into account. The team of takes each order independently and every client is approached exclusively in order to make sure that all wishes are accomplished.

Although we are keeping our satisfaction rates up to 97% misunderstandings are unavoidable sometimes, which is why we have developed our Money Back Policy that is aimed to resolve possible dispute cases.

In case of the customers being unhappy with the service they got or are experiencing any other issues they are able to get the payment back in accordance to the policy stated below.

How to open a dispute:

  • The disputes are opened after the customer sends an email with a complaint to our Dispute Department.
  • The dispute’s reviewing duration lasts for about 7 or 10 days. This time is needed in ensure that every case is treated with an appropriate attention and by the competent specialists.
  • The dispute cases’ solutions are constituted basing on the details given by the client and the order’s attributes.
  • There is no set period for the dispute review as it may take different periods of time according to the case’s level of complicatedness.
  • The dispute review results are subordinate to the close communication of the DD manager and the customer. This is why we are encouraging our customers to check their emails often and not to ignore requests from our company.

Incidents for opening the dispute:

  1. A double payment for the order / placement of two identical orders. This situation occurring enables the customer to get a full payment back. You only need to inform the support team of about the issue for them to validate it and settle the refund of the payment.
  2. There is no writer to complete your order. Though we are cooperating with the hundreds of writers and in most cases we manage to assign a specialist for the order, under certain circumstances we do not have an available writer. In this case the customer is immediately informed about the problem and received the paid money back shortly. When we are unable to find anyone for revision completion the issue can be resolved with the help of DD as the amount of the refund has to be talked about. We do not offer the same solution in this situation as every order is special hence must be solved solely.
  3. Late completion of the order. Our company guarantees an on-time delivery of the products ordered, meaning that the customer can rely on us and get their paper within the time limits that are indicated as a deadline. It should be noted that, to a certain extent, our moving onward is reliant on the customer’s timely providing with clarifications and files, which are necessary. In case the time limit expires for the reason of the late clarifications or file uploads by the customer we are not able to issue the refund. The customer is responsible to provide the files, clarifications and other materials, which are essential for the order to be completed.

    Refund for the late order’s delivery is possible:

    • You have placed an order with 4-hours-time limit and it was sent to you more than 17 minutes late. In this case you can get the order’s price recalculated according the pricing of the order with the longer deadline.
    • The deadline of your order is 7 days or more and the desired product is delivered to you later. You are able to get 10% of your initial payment refunded.

      The refunds for lateness are sent if the customer requests them only.

      • Extension of the deadline. Under certain conditions like order’s complexity or too tight limit of time we may ask the customer to allow us more hours or days for to complete the paper. If the customer agrees on that money back request for lateness will not be reviewed.
      • Deadline for the money back request. The customer is restrained in time for opening a dispute on the order. The dispute claims are accepted during the period of 10 days after the paper’s completion and delivery. After 10-days period the order is approved and not reviewed for the grounds of refund.
  4. Late delivery of the revised order. Please, inform our DD about the named issue if it happens to you considering that once you send a claim to the Dispute Department you will not be able to get your order revised anymore. If your decision is a refund appeal on the grounds of revision lateness you can get up to 15% of your payment. As each order is unique we practice approaching them individually and offering unique solutions.
  5. Unsatisfactory quality of the paper. Our service strives to meet the demands of all the customers without exceptions but in some cases we may get complaints about the quality of the completed assignments. If you are not contented with the product, which you has got, a dispute claim with the precise explanation of paper’s drawbacks is expected from your side. Within about 7-10 business day you will get a response from our Dispute Manager with the most appropriate resolution of your case. The dispute analysis often appears to be a complicated process that requires much time and efforts in order to assess all the aspects fairly, which is a reason for the mentioned period of the dispute review.
  6. The preview paper’s variant has been received by the client and has not been approved so far. This case enables you to set your order for revision as many times as needed or open a dispute claim on your order. The full payment’s refund can be requested by the customer if they manage to provide the reasons, which are true and reasonable. Those are necessary for us to hold the fraud requests off. We encourage our clients to indicate all the impediments of the paper so the Dispute Department can evaluate the case precisely.
  7. The final paper’s variant is received and approved by the client. The full payment cannot be refunded if the customer approves the order (or the order is being approved automatically after 10-days period). In this case, the possible refund is up to 30% taking into account the specifics of the order.
  8. Order’s cancelation process. The essential factor deciding on the refund’s amount in the cancellation case is the level of the order’s completion.

    • If you ask the support team to cancel your order before the writer is assigned you will be able to get the full payment back.
    • In case you want to cancel the order after it is completed (even the time limit has not expired yet) refund is not possible.
    • Not more than half of the time frame passed – you can get 70% of the payment back.
    • Once more than half of your deadline expired 30% of the payment can be sent back.
  9. The refund for additional services. Here is the a list of our company’s additional services: a Turnitin report, paper’s summary, editor’s services, writer’s sample and writer’s category. The customer is able to get their money back only for the “writer’s category” type of the additional service if there has been no writer assigned yet. All other additional services from mentioned above are non-refundable. Please, pay attention to the named points when you are making an order.
  10. Plagiarism was detected in the paper. All papers are checked for the issue of plagiarism before they are being delivered to the customer. If we receive a claim from the client about high percentage of similarity in the paper we will request a plagiarism report to be sent. The dispute cannot be started without the report from Turnitin or a college/university. Please, be careful with checking your paper through the Turnitin system if you are aware that your professor will be using this system, as well. Turnitin always saves the works to its database and they are being showed as plagiarized during the further submissions.

    Contact Details: In order to get a DD contact details, please, ask our support representative about it. The Dispute Department is available via email only.

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