Reasons Why I Ask You To Do My Homework

Most of our customers start ordering with explanations why they do so. For some reason students tend to feel guilty for such behavior. However, we understand them well. Let`s see:

The recent research shows, that students spend 17.5 hours per week working on their homework assignments. Nevertheless, the normal amount of time to be spent on academic paper writing per day is 1 hour. Now, let`s do the math to see, that 17.5 hours is far from the desired 7 hours of studying. Furthermore, if we add 32 hours devoted to job, the question appears: do students ever sleep? Are they humans or do they transform into the super-humans not needing to sleep, eat and communicate?

The Main Issues That Led to Such Situation

Our company tried to find out, what actually led to such a critical situation with homework to find the effective ways for students` salvation. Here are the responses we have received on this issue:

  1. The Sophisticated Professors: “My professor thinks that his subject is the only one important, so I need to spend long hours doing my homework on it forgetting about the rest”

    It is even not okay if you have one professor of this kind. However, the evidence shows, that most of college professors are concentrated on their subjects only. Such professors require your in-depth understanding of the issues, so they need you to devote a lot of time researching on them. As you cannot know everything, you can contact our team of writers, and they will provide you with the list of sources for your essays, outlines, drafts and other helpful materials. They can explain you some issues as well or simply show the example of the perfect completion.

    “It is just great that you exist. I cannot imagine how to satisfy all the profs without your help”, Management, “Managerial Decisions”, 5 pages

    Do my Homework
  2. Issues with the Task Management: “I cannot manage to do my homework assignments in time, so I often need to hurry up writing papers. That has a bad impact on the quality of my paper writing”

    Having too much things to do, you can easily forget about some of the points. Realizing that you have a paper due tomorrow the evening before the due day is a common thing among students. The time when you cannot postpone the writing anymore does come. So, here is what happens:

    You Have Time for Writing

    You Have a Short Deadline

    You visit library to find the best suitable sources for homework accomplishment

    You use any sources you find online which have any possible relation to the issue

    You start from writing an outline, then edit your draft several times

    Your first draft is most likely to be the last one

    You get a good grade

    You are aimed on getting pass.

    “I know I cannot write 5 pages well within 4 hours. But I also know that your company can! Thanks for helping!” History, “The Fall of Empires”, 7 pages


To cry – is not a solution. Let’s think of the ways that really help to figure out.

A Solution for Homework Writing

Way 1: Set Priorities

You have 24 hours per day, no more. Choose, what is more important for you: your job or academic career?

Way 2: Co-Operate with Us

You can place orders with our company and get a chance to succeed in everything simultaneously.

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