Teenage Drinking Problem

Teenagers Who Drink

Today, we’re going to talk how drinking problem influences students’ life and what makes teenagers want to drink again and again. Statistic proves that over 50% of American teenagers tried consuming alcohol from 12 to 20 years old and gender doesn’t make any difference here. Another statistic shows that nearly 40% of all car crashes are caused by drunk teenagers. It has also been researched that teenagers who tried drinking when they were young have more chances to keep drinking when they turn into adults.

Parent’s Responsibility

So who is really responsible for those accidents? Well, it surely starts in our families. Some parents support the idea that drinking a little bit isn’t dangerous. Although, all big troubles start with small ones. Parents should explain all the possible dangers that might be caused by drinking and try to be a good example for their children. Because if you tend to drink sometimes and teach your kids not to, there is a huge probability they won’t listen to you.

Factors That Might Cause Drinking Problem

# 1 Student’s Race

It has been researched that some of the racial groups might be in bigger danger of developing alcohol addiction than others. For instance, American Indians and Alaskans.

# 2 Genetics

If your siblings used to drink a lot, there’s no wonder why future generations are affected as well. Drinking can cause some changes in our genes so if we want to have healthier generations we shouldn’t only think about ourselves and our problems.

# 3 Misbelieves

Some of the students tend to drink because they believe it’ll help them to feel more comfortable and socialize easier. But that is just a myth.

# 4 Trying to Imitate Peers

It’s hard to realize drinking is bad when all your peers are doing it. In order not to stand out of a crowd, teenagers often drink with their friends, even if they don’t want to.

# 5 Ability to Say «No»

When it’s New Year, Christmas or any other celebration there’s going to be a ton of those who drink and would like to drink with you together. They would convince you that nothing bad can happen and the situation is under control. In such situations, you can test if you’re strong enough to say «No», even to your friends. Remember that everyone should respect your own opinion.

# 6 Advertisement

That is one of the best ways to influence people’s mind. Drinking alcohol became some kind of tradition due to all the advertisements and no celebration can be held without vine or champagne. We should understand that it is only another attempt of alcohol companies to sell their products.

# 7 Gender

It has been proved that men have more chances to be alcohol addicted than women. At the same time drinking might cause several problems with woman’s health, including female sterility. Each time woman drinks, she makes certain number of ovum die inside their body so the risk not to have kids or to give birth to a child with mental health disorders is rising.

Terrible Consequences

Alcohol doesn’t bring much positive things into our life. On the contrary, it may cause lasting changes in a work of your brain and may even result in damage of your memory, coordination, and motor skills. Drinking can lead to sexual assaults and rape. In fact, 96,000 students between 18 and 24 are trying to fight this problem. If you start drinking at an early age it will influence you for the rest of your life, but it is easier to fight it when you are young, rather than when you have a long time experience in drinking.

All in all, despite the world dictates its own rules, where drinking is a fun and innocent thing, you should always remember about all the possible consequences of it.

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