Qualities of a successful student

Sometimes, you cannot help but wonder what exactly puts some students on a top of the food chain. They seem to have it all: they are always on time, have all the assignments completed, are praised by teachers, and go about the day with a bright smile on the face. What are these rare creatures made of? Let’s examine their features one by one.


Paying attention will get you far. First of all, pay attention to the people around you: not only you need to learn who your professors are, but also their habits, what they like and dislike. You may need to ask your peers or the students who took their class before, but this information could be very useful in the future. Then, you need to pay attention during class, because the hints to successfully pass your exam are all there. Write down the lectures neatly, and you will see how much more easier it will be to revise. And at last, pay attention to your deadlines, and try to complete your task as early as possible. This will give you a great advantage when the end of the semester comes.

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If you are active during class, for example by participating in a discussion, you will gain more knowledge, and will be more prepared for the exam. Not to mention that teachers always give a slight preference to the students who raise hands and make their job a little bit more interesting.


University differs from school, because here you need to be self-reliant and self-organized from day one. Not only many students start to live on their own, and are faced with the problems of responsibility and adulthood, but also during this period of time it is crucial for any student to learn that they need to organize their time and straighten their priorities.


After every class, try to think about two or three new things that you have learned. Soon you will discover, that you can learn something new every day. It is better to find genuine interest in the subject, but even if you need to forcefully cultivate your curiosity, you will soon see how much more effective your classes are becoming.

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Stress is present in the life of any student, in form of grades, assignments, teachers, exams and deadlines. University is made up of challenges, and it is important to face them calmly. If the prospect of a bad grade may seem like the end of the world to you, please try to get a calm outlook on life. You are a student, so your job is to learn. Why did you fail this test? Try to analyze your mistakes, and never make them bring you down. Having a calm attitude will be effective in every aspect of your life.

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