Sport and Meditation Influence Studies

You have probably heard about the benefits of sport millions of times. But do you know how can sport help students in their studies? Does it distract from learning or aid in self-organization? Facts talk, so let's analyze the experience of sport's influence on studies worldwide.

Cuban Boxing Academy in London

Boxing is the sport, which is useful not only for keeping a physical fit. The Cuban boxing academy was founded by Marcos Camedgo. The trainings are free of charge and the approach to trainings is aimed not on the achievements in sport only. Marcos and other trainers help their students to adapt to the life in society through discipline and physical trainings. Trainings can get out of boxing ring. Students of the boxing academy include the young lawbreakers and teenagers, who were expelled from educational institutes in Britain.

Marcos Camedgo says that they are not bringing up worldwide champions, but they want their students to become champions in their homes.


Ethiopia: Sport Trainings Help to Graduate from School

In Ethiopia, a lot of girls cannot graduate from school due to getting married too early. Only 30% of girls graduate from high school. Due to the project "Girls Gotta Run", some of girls get an opportunity to stay at school longer.

Kayla Nolan from the project Girls Gotta Run says, that with the help of running they are trying to resolve the social problems faced by Ethiopian girls. They combine running trainings with the general education and getting the necessary skills in life. Girls get a good possibility to stay at school longer and avoid early marriage and pregnancy. Girls stay at a safe place where they have friends and can work on their self-esteem. The scholarship covers the cost of studying, school accessories and lunches, sports clothing and fees needed for competitions. Running helps girls to concentrate on reaching success no matter whether in sport or in school studies.

Vancouver: Meditation Aids in Better Learning

A lot of research works show that meditation helps in focusing attention and bettering of the psychological health. But can it help in coping with the Math problems?

10 years ago, Vancouver school committee suggested to introduce meditation in the schedule of one of schools. Today, 700 of teachers are volunteers in teaching the practice of controlling breathing in 90 primary schools and kindergartens. A lot of teachers notice that children has become calmer. It is planned to introduce the practice in middle schools as well, as the level of concentration the children have has significantly increased. As the research carried out by the British Columbia University shows, the cases of aggression decreased on 24% and the results in Math lessons have increased on 15%.

The psychologist Kimberly Shonert-Reihl says that the grades in Math have become better because children have learned how to be more attentive and calm during the classes. Meditation also helps in communication with the classmates.

Sport and Meditation

So, don't you want to find alternative ways to getting better grades and improving your social life life and psychological status? If you do, try to start attending some sport trainings and you will see the results soon.

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