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It is a well-known fact that in order to get a job (either full- or part-time one), persons need to pass the job interview. Online space possibilities caused some changes to this process. Now students, who are extremely busy usually, do not need to leave their room to pass the job interview. All they need is an internet access. One should be well-prepared for this format though.

The preparation to the skype interview may be divided into 2 main steps.

STEP 1: Before the Actual Procedure

Even though the format of a skype interview differs from the regular one, it still requires a good preparation to be passed. Moreover, since the conditions are different, there are some specific hints on how to organize the preparation process for the Skype job interview. Here we will share some of the useful pieces of advice with you.

  1. Papers


    All the necessary documents will be on the HR manager's table, but this does not mean that you will not need them. Print your resume and recommendation letters out and have them handy during the interview. You will be able to explain and elaborate on some of the points.

  2. Look

    Your clothes and look mean a lot as well. Your employer will not be able to see your shoes and socks, but the top, hear and other details of the kind will be visible. There are no special requirements to the look, but it is necessary to look simple, moderately official and neat. If you are sure about your look, this will add to your confidence and you will behave naturally.

  3. Room

    You do not need to leave your usual workplace (room or personal cabinet) and this sounds great. If you do not have an Internet access at home, you will need to use your friend's computer. Your face will surely be in focus, but the potential employer will also take into account the surroundings of your interview. To keep the official style, you should better have just a wall as your background, not to give any odd information and not to distract.

  4. Train

    Do not forget about training/rehearsal in front of a mirror. You will be able to polish your speech, face expressions, and confidence. All the HR experts say that this kind of preparation helps a lot to feel freer during the online interview.

Step 2: The Time of Interview

Now the time X came. Here are the hints, which will aid you during the interview time, having been put into an appropriate order.

  1. Punctuality

    Punctual Person

    You will always create a good impression being accurate. If talking about the time of job interview, accuracy is of key importance. It plays even the bigger role than during the personal meeting. You are recommended to get online 15-20 minutes before the time set and wait for the call. Usually, you will get a call from the HR manager, so do not take an initiative calling first. However, you can message the other party making sure that they are ready to talk.

  2. Language and Gestures

    After the conversation started, keep calm, do not use too many gestures, because this will confuse your potential employer and distract from what you are speaking about. It is necessary to speak slowly, and concisely in the way you can easily be understood by the interviewer.

  3. Questions

    Be ready to be asked questions, which are common for job interviews. Do not be afraid to add some jokes, but it is necessary to keep the balance within the official communication. Give the fair answers, do not talk too long for one single question. Evidence shows that the online job interview usually takes less time than the private meeting.

  4. The End

    After you are through with the interview, thank the interviewer for time and attention, and ask about the details concerning the results. Do not forget to ask about getting the results of the interview: whether you will receive them by e-mail or in some other way, and when you should expect an answer.

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