Why Students Skip Classes: Top Reasons

Is there anyone in your group who skips classes often? It is not a unique case but a common practice of students around the world. Missing too many classes is surely not recommended but it is unavoidable as students need to combine their studies with social life, personal interests and other important affairs while college is able to take all free time of a person 24/7. Here is the list of class-skipping reasons that are the most popular among students all over the world.

Lazy Student

Health State

Sick Person

Although most professors think that students are always fit, happy and ready to write all the papers assigned, it appears that students tend to be in unsatisfactory health state really often. Many diseases are caused by permanent exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Usually, people underestimate these two factors and do not consider them as sufficient for producing other problems like depression, heart diseases, and issues with blood pressure etc. Make sure that you take care of your physical state, first of all, as it is the basis for all other achievements of yours. In case you feel sick sometimes it is a better decision to visit the doctor instead of going to college since your bad health state will not let you participate in classes fully.

Partying Hard


The motto of most students nowadays is “Study hard, party harder”. Without doubts, college life is the most suitable period for partying as much as you want as you do not have too many responsibilities still and are full of energy to have fun. However, parties that are harder than studying often make students miss their lessons which often turns into problems with grades later. Our advice to all party’s kings and queens is to party wisely. Choose a certain day in a week when you can have fun as much as you want. The best day is before your day off in college so you can have enough sleep and be fit.

Sleep Deprivation

For some reason, college is the period when you feel like sleeping clock-round. Usually, it does not matter whether you were studying all night long before or you slept for twelve hours. When you are coming to lectures, dreams are seizing you and you cannot help but take a nap even when the class begins. Most students are not aware how permanent sleep deprivation can end. For example, it is one of the frequent reasons for the accidents on the road. Also, your brain cannot work on the same level when you do not have enough sleep and even if you try your best, the grades for exams cannot be as desired. Therefore, you should not sacrifice the precious time of sleeping for the sake of doing of something else. Moreover, a lot of students do not spend their nights studying only but tend to waste much time surfing the internet, using the social networks or just hanging out. Make sure that you create a proper sleeping plan that will contain day naps and minimum hours of sleep at night.

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