Second Hand Smoke Essay

Person Smoking

Everybody has met with such event in their everyday life. It is hard to disagree that such situations aren’t occasional. We become victims of second hand smoke at the bus stations, near the shops or even in school yards and still have no tool to fight against this problem. Maybe, the worst is that usually kids suffer from it, especially when their parents are active smokers. Second hand smoke usually results in heart and lung diseases, cancer, acne and so on. Here are some arguments that prove harmfulness of it and show that results may be terrible.

Risk of Disease

Second hand smokers have a big chance to get several types of cancer. Every year thousands of passive smokers die because of lung or breast types of this illness. In many cases, these people have a healthy lifestyle with no smoking or drinking. The risk of lung diseases such as asthma or tuberculosis infection becomes higher as well. The worst thing is that during pregnancy women are not insured of second hand smoking. As a result, there can be premature birth, low child’s weight and other unpleasant defects. In addition, you cannot protect yourself from it because there is a risk zone everywhere; people smoke even near the hospitals. Some smokers do it for years and don’t suffer from lung illness or other ones, however, their nearest and dearest become victims of this bad habit and demand a costly and hard treatment with no guarantee of full recovery.

Children Suffers

Nowadays, kids often become victims of passive smoking. They are the most vulnerable, as their bodies are growing and not all processes of organs formation are finished. It happens as a rule if their parents have such a habit and they don’t care about their child’s health. As a result, at the young age one meets with a risk of various diseases as lung infections, asthma, allergies, middle ear infections, slow growing and so on. The point is they cannot avoid it or protect themselves if the adults don’t understand how harmful this is.

Smoking Near Kids


Home pets are also suffering from passive smoking even not realizing this. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and so on: all of them can get lots of illnesses if their owner smokes. As animals have a better smell, they are affected by tobacco fume and get a risk to gain nasal or lungs cancer. They need a complicated and hurtful treatment as chemotherapy and surgeries. However, many proprietors don’t realize how dangerous their habit may be for their pets and they continue smoking even while just walking with dog in the morning. If one loves their home pet, they should respect and care of its health, that means breaking the habit or at least putting a pet out of the risk zone.

To sum up, active smokers are not the only one who suffer from tobacco fume; others are in a great danger as well. That means that smoking in public places should be forbidden and punished strictly as it influences pregnant women and kids badly. Second hand smoking is the reason why innocent people become victims of terrible diseases.

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