Second-Choice College, Think of It

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The college acceptance process is tough for every student considering all the efforts you put in order to get into the school you aim for. So it's normal to feel upset and angry when all your work didn't pay off and you didn't get accepted into the college of your dreams. However, you should do your best to like the school you will study at. Here some tips on how to get excited about the second-choice college you are about to become a freshman at.


The main thing that can help you to get excited about your future school is good knowledge about everything related to it. Do some research, get to know how your dorm will look like, how to get around the campus, interesting cafes and restaurants, etc. Look for different possible activities you can attend on and out of campus, check the nearby cities and places you can visit on weekends, and find a beautiful spot somewhere in town where you can go when you need a break, it could be a park for example.

Read the School Newspaper

College Paper

This is a great idea to get yourself interested. If you know all the latest news about different aspects of student's life of your future college, you will most likely become more and more engaged in it. Besides, you will have plenty of topics to discuss with all the students you are going to meet during the orientation. By reading students publications, you can learn a lot about the traditions and atmosphere of the school you are going to study at, and that can help you to get a better understanding of campus life that is awaiting you ahead.

Make Plans

The best idea on how to get yourself looking forward to something is making fantastic plans. Just start planning your first-day outfit or your dorm room decor. Also, you can check some interesting activities that will take place when you arrive on campus as there should be plenty of them. Your main goal is to keep yourself busy and cheerful during the first days until you get used to the new life. Try to spend as much time as possible outdoors so not to give yourself any chance to be upset about not being at the college you were aiming for initially.

Search for Cons

Every single school is unique, it has its own traditions, study programs, advantages, and disadvantages as well. Now you have to focus on the pros only. Find something only your college has, the opportunities only this particular place can open for you. Who knows, maybe soon you will realize that coming here to study was the best decision in your life. As often students get fixated on the dreamy place they want to get accepted to and ignore all its disadvantages as a result. It might turn out that you were aiming for that school for the stupid reasons and your second-choice college may prove to be the right place for you to achieve all of your goals.

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