The Role of Diploma in a Student’s Life


Which benefits have we after the graduation? Of course, we get knowledge and skills with the hope to apply them to practice after having found a decent job. Also, there is a diploma, which allegedly shows and proves that we have such baggage in our heads. Sometimes, students with a lack of money or academic skills do not have an opportunity to receive a diploma. Is it possible to find a worth-of-your-attention job without this paper? Let’s think.

The Paper’s Role

"The specialist with a higher education is required ..." - these words you can see in almost all ads that promote a job. How important is for the employer a fact that a university diploma is in your hands? The majority of employers believe that prestigious university diploma is a nice addition, but not the basic requirement for employment. The key is how to manifest it while talking in person. According to the employers, universities give systematized knowledge, however, how people will use them, depends only on themselves.

What Can You Do?

Job Interview

The fact that an applicant for the considered position was educated in good university is fine. Nevertheless, skills and knowledge that a person shows at work are more valued. The company is interested in the benefit that it can possibly get from you. Being a professional in knowing a theory doesn’t make you a professional in practice. It happens that a person without higher education works better than the well-educated one. Employers can ask at least for a basic knowledge in the specialty that you’ve graduated from. Some companies say that the quality of education is getting worse year after year, graduates know that they have to complete their education at work (learning particularly what to do) and especially not overload themselves while studying at university.

Hard Work Beats… Diploma

Many employers who have a liberal opinion about education can even give the privilege to those who engaged themselves in self-education and choose such candidate over an educated one, no matter how prestigious university is specified on his diploma. However, it is necessary to make a reservation. In a crisis time, the employer is seeking for an experienced worker. In favorable economic conditions, companies are willing to hire young professionals and train them. Graduates have to start from the bottom of their career ladder to gain experience. In addition, the company organizes many pieces of training and workshops, where the young ones can prove themselves in action without showing off with gained diploma.

Get Up and Try

So what is the choice that should be done for young professionals in employment? We are sure that it’s all about studying, self-education and professional development. These things, no matter you do them within university education or not, make you well-prepared for future working conditions in general. That will help in a job search more than any printed paper. The desire to keep learning, to work overtime to compensate for the missing experience – that are “magic ingredients’’ which are wanted by any employer. A diploma is not an indicator of something, it does not guarantee a well-paid work. Only practice will help you to get the required knowledge and skills.

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