Student's Dilemma: To Rest or Not to Rest

Nerd at Party

It takes a lot of hard work to become a really successful person. However, do you think all famous businessmen were nerds at school, or in college? If one can remember any of the popular career builders, managers of the great companies, most of them have not even graduated from school, more so from college. They have just lived freely, with no goals, partying till dawn, with no strategic plans. On the other hand, being lousy in the beginning, after all, they have no time for rest while getting to the top in their specializations.

Paradise of Reading

Nerd covered in books

On the opinion of many, to be a nerd is to find your rest in books only. However, it is not just a joke or a part of stereotype. Indeed, nerdy persons find their resting place literally covered in books. Moreover, those pieces of writing can be even specialized in the disciplines nerds are currently learning. The thing is that, in most cases, nerds choose only subjects they are already fond of since school. Thus, during their studying at university, they have nothing better but to dive into the discipline they adore. Funny as it can seem, the heaven for nerd would be a huge library in that case.

Alone but Unique

Most of nerds are sort of single people. They are not well-accommodated socially, or accordingly, they do not party much. However, it does not appear as problem to them. The main goal of nerdy person usually is to become successful in the chosen specialization. Although their life cannot be described as bold or unrestricted one, still it is not less bright than a life of an ordinary student. The thing is that it is mostly centered on academic accomplishments. Still nerds are very unique people. According to the stereotype, they are just learning and sleeping, but in truth, those persons are very passionate and enthusiastic about the work they are doing. They are not robots after all, but intellectual elite of our society.

Always Ready

One more thing about nerds is that they never look tired. Troubled may they be, but due to their well-ordered life they never lack of sleep. They have a stable schedule and they are never late to any meeting. In addition, nerdy people have even certain time exactly for their rest. It is quite convenient to be a nerd as you do not have to spend hours in shopping malls, then hours setting up your wardrobe, as you simply do not need all of that glamorous stuff. It does not mean that they have a really boring life, more so organized. Nerdy people usually love going to theatres, cinemas, all kinds of academic presentations. It just means that everything in their life has its time. Nerds are fully immersed in the subject they are fond of, but it does not mean that they do not enjoy life outside their room too. It is not shameful to be a nerd and to love what you learn and what you do.

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