How to Write an Original Story

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Sometimes, expressing our emotions and feelings can be possible through a literature therapy. We create an imaginary world where the protagonist experiences the same destiny challenges that we have already overcome or obviously are overcoming right now. Therefore, creating an original story demands not only pure life situations but also imaginary facts. Without overwriting, you can copy an already exciting story. How to become an author of such piece of art? We'll try to help.

Free Money: Sample Economics Essay


At the end of nineteenth century, a German economist Silvio Gesell noticed some interesting feature during observing price fluctuations. People buy things more willingly, when interest rates are lower and don’t buy, when they are high. The reason of changes in amount of money in trade is will or reluctance of money owners to lend it. Lower rates make them keep money, which leads to reduction of capital investments, firm’s bankruptcy and working places losses. Sometimes, later borrowers are able to pay more for lender’s money usage and they gladly give it. Then the situation is getting better. That’s how a new economic cycle starts. Gesell explains given circumstances through the fact that apart from other goods and services, money could be kept almost without expenditures. If a person has an apple and the other one has a dollar, the apple owner must sell it as fast as they can because apple is not fresh for eternity.

5 Must-Have Things for School Uniform for Girls

School Uniform for Girls

Fashion plays a significant role in our everyday life as it refers to the creation of our appearance which undoubtedly correlates with our way of life. Fashion emerges in every part of our life but basically it reflects our personality on our appearance, which signifies the ability to match clothes in accordance with particular rules.

Skype Interview: Get Ready

Online Interviewing

It is a well-known fact that in order to get a job (either full- or part-time one), persons need to pass the job interview. Online space possibilities caused some changes to this process. Now students, who are extremely busy usually, do not need to leave their room to pass the job interview. All they need is an internet access. One should be well-prepared for this format though.

What Are Useful Habits for?

Successful People

For many successful people, this question may seem weird because the answer is very obvious - to achieve prosperity. If you want to have a success, be a happy, interesting person, you need to have some curious and useful habits that will help you get everything you want in life.

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