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Knowing several foreign languages is always a good quality to put on your resume. But what is more important, languages can open new cultural doors for you. What can be better than communicating without a language barrier and translator? English is becoming a lingua franca of all the possible spheres of our life today. But it doesn’t mean that we should only study this language. If you plan a trip to China, for example, be ready that 80% of all people cannot speak proper English at all. Locals call their English «Chinglish», as a mixture of Chinese and English. «Chinglish» is quite hard to understand. So if you are planning to move to China or work there, better study simple Chinese.

Reasons Why Students Drop Out

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Entering college is only the first step in higher education. Very often after the year of studying it becomes clear that one is not ready for it. That is why so many students drop out. They are all aware of college importance. Here are major reasons that force young people to quit college.

How to Write an Online Dating Profile: A Guide for Creating

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After living for a while in the conditions of loneliness each of us thinks of finding his couple, with whom one may have a true inner connection, reliance and understanding. However, looking for such type of person may be not one of the easiest things to do. Nowadays, people search for their second half scrolling the profiles on the romantic sites. They go through thousands of photos just to find their love from the first sight. Nevertheless, how to create such type of a profile so the soulmate of yours would stop and open the page with your personal information? We have tried to find out.

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