Insomnia: Causes, Methods and Ways to Overcome It


Sleeping sweetly and dreaming during the night – isn’t it a desire that is so easy to fulfill, especially, after active and strenuous activity? However, insomnia, as manifestation of neurosis, is a common symptom of fatigue, stress and many other disorders of the nervous system, and doesn’t give possibility to make this dream come true. Sometimes behind the mask of insomnia serious organic disturbances associated with diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems may disguise.

How to Read Many Books Effectively? Eight Tips

A Lot of Books

It often happens that we do not have enough time for reading. But maybe the reason is hiding up in the other thing? Most people read by old rules. It means that they believe it is necessary to read only one book and scrutiny each of its pages. In fact, there are simple ways to read a lot, to remember all the details, and to spend much less time than usual on this.

A Manual Guide on the Art of Being Friendly for Misanthropes


Being a people-hater does not necessarily mean not being able to communicate, sometimes it is simply your own not willing to do that. Yes, we are trying to call you a true curmudgeon who does not care about what other people think but for some reason realizes that he will not survive like that anymore. The only reason you have a right to hate mankind is when you have a very high position so it does not harm you at all... Or you live on an inhabited island.

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