How to Write an Original Story

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Sometimes, expressing our emotions and feelings can be possible through a literature therapy. We create an imaginary world where the protagonist experiences the same destiny challenges that we have already overcome or obviously are overcoming right now. Therefore, creating an original story demands not only pure life situations but also imaginary facts. Without overwriting, you can copy an already exciting story. How to become an author of such piece of art? We'll try to help.

Prepare the Draft

Always having a huge package of thoughts in our heads, we even do not concentrate on some of them. However, taking notes during the day can be useful for your creative writing. Seeing the life situations that happen to your friends and colleagues or those you witnessed make an additional substructure for your story. See how people react to different occasions and note their words and actions, meanwhile not forgetting about your own. Was your reaction different or which traits of character are needed to react in a particular way? Be attentive and listen a lot. It helps to gain people's attitudes towards each other, create types to describe and, of course, characters to work with. You can even have a life prototype, so, while writing you may discuss his opinions about situations you are writing about.

Witness Difficulties

Very often, to create a story worth to read, there should be something that will touch a great number of people and leave literature "fingerprints" deep in their souls. No doubt, not every of us has suffered really hard in their lives. Nevertheless, every of us has a story to share. Visit places that are hard for perception: hospitals, prisons, unknown lands. Travel to see how people leave outside your house, street, country. Then, combine all seen and experienced with your main idea that you'd like to share. Which message is the most important for you to deliver? What is the purpose of your writing? Only after answering these questions you can pick right stories that brightly outshine your life positions.

Feel It Through

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After preparing the information for writing (which is a huge piece of the whole pie), you may start. Write whenever you feel the need. Don't force it. Sometimes, the great ideas come in early mornings or late nights. It doesn't depend on you. However, lazy waiting is also not an excuse. Inspire yourself every free minute of your life. If it's difficult for you to read and write at the same time, you can listen to music, go to the art gallery or simply cook or watch a film. Sometimes, even such activities can stimulate brain work and give you inner energy and food for thought. Write your whole heart out, meanwhile crying and laughing, hating and loving, thinking and procrastinating. Let yourself be a human that feels and shares. That what your reader will appreciate.

Be yourself through writing; don't try to impress or cover some social and political problems. Your writing may be the mirror of the modern world, however, focus on what you have always wanted to say to the world and have not said yet. Create an atmosphere of trust and self-respect and be ready for constructive criticism. Allowing these things to come through, you automatically get you winning points in this business.

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