Variants of On-Campus Job Offers and Choosing the One to Apply For


There are a lot of expenses college life requires and in order to manage everything accordingly, most of the students get part-time jobs. If you want to try your chances and join the 'working-student community' too, you may want to consider some of the job offers your campus have. Here is the list of common on-campus jobs and tips on how to apply for them, check it!

Teaching Assistant

This is the position for students proficient in a particular subject or sphere. TAs usually help teachers with grading papers and holding review sessions. This job is very hard and demanding but usually offers the highest salaries among the other on-campus positions. Make sure you understand and correspond to the requirements of the offer you want to apply for, as often applicants should have at least a couple of solid references from their professors in order to become a TA.

Library Assistant

If you see yourself as a book worm and like to give your friends advice on what books to read, you may seriously consider applying for this position. It has a lot of advantages: in most cases, library assistances have a flexible schedule and can choose their working hours themselves, besides, that is the place where you will be able to do your home tasks while still being at work; and, there is a small chance you will have to deal with belligerent clients as people tend to be pretty polite, quiet, and respectful in the libraries, compared to other work places where you have to deal with customers. While applying for such a position, make sure to point out your fantastic customer-service, and attention to details skills.

Food Server

Food Hall

This is the perfect position for cheerful girls who like to mingle and meet new people, as surely a students' dining hall is the ideal place for meeting new friends. Usually, such positions offer flexible working hours and free meals for their employees, and that is definitely a huge plus for every student. Besides, you will be working in a fast-paced environment surrounded by other people of your age which can be a fantastic experience for you! If you want to apply for such a position, be aware that employers usually look for energized young individuals who are not afraid of a dirty work.

Administrative Assistant

If you see yourself as a social butterfly and cannot imagine your life without communication, you may apply for an administrative assistant position. This job is interesting while its duties are fairly simple: holding phone conversations, directing calls, transferring messages, organizing meeting and appointments, and helping incoming visitors with their inquiries. Ensure you are polite, outgoing, and professional during the job interview and show your best communicative skills, as those are the necessary qualities an ideal administrative assistant should have.

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