A math genius, who are they and how to be one of them?

Popular opinions state that you either have a natural ability in math or you don't. Well, it's not entirely true. This ability will only get you so far in your studying process. You have to work hard to succeed in any field, and math is not an exception. So quit all the lame excuses and start working on your math skills!

A smart student


Why “I am not strong at speaking” is not a good excuse to stop talking and at all, but it's normal to say “I am not good at math”? The only thing that restrains us is our bad attitude. You will never achieve anything until you try. So never say “I am bad at math and I always will be”, it has a negative effect on your motivation. If we are convinced it's impossible, we will not bother even trying. So the first thing you have to work on is your own point of view and your way of thinking.

Basic rules

If you think math is all about calculations, you are mistaking. Learning math is a lot like learning to read. If you don't know the letters you won't be able to sound words and, of course, there is no way you will be able to read a text. So if you don't know how to begin, start from the basic rules at first: axioms, formulas, theorems, definitions, etc. Learn theory topic by topic at your own pace, and you will see first results soon!

One step at a time

Don't try to jump over your head. If you don't understand anything, focus on mastering that topic first before moving to another one. Math is a very accurate science, and one little ignorance may lead to serious consequences. Don't try to jump over the topics you have problems with, it will lead to even bigger confusion and misunderstanding. Watch some video lectures, hire a tutor, read the material all over again, find a new textbook to have it explained in a different way, ask your friends for a little help. No matter what you do, never quit it until you see the results.

More practice

Even if you are sure you have understood the topic during your lectures, find new problems and solve them by yourself. Better do this at home right after the classes. If you want to be a math genius, you have to deepen your practical skills as well as theoretical ones day by day on a permanent basis. You can't read a section in a math textbook and become an expert. You must solve problems. If you can't do this, you are not ready to move forward. Gradually work on harder and harder problems until you are 100% confident in your knowledge of the topic.

The way to success

Remember, becoming a math expert is not an easy target. It comes with taking things one at a time and working hard. The advice above will help you in your studying process and give you some confidence in your skills and abilities. So quit this bad attitude and start working!

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