Lifting Your Mood: Ways and Strategies


Even the most inveterate optimist may have bouts of bad mood. This is happening especially in fall and winter: daylight hours become much shorter than in summer. Lack of sunlight and warmth, insufficient amount of vitamins: all these things affect the mood. Actually, all the year round there are enough reasons for having the blues. If you know how to fight your blues, then all year round, you will have powerful emotional states.

Be Active


Do not be weary in well-doing, wrapping in a blanket and sitting in an armchair. Do quite the opposite: go somewhere. You may have a walk in the nearest park or work out some exercises outdoors. For example, there is good cure for the blues. It might be cycling, jogging, swimming, painting, playing musical instruments, skiing, climbing etc. The main deal is just getting out of your place.

Favorite Music

Everybody is familiar with the fact that music has a great impact on people. Always keep with yourself mobile phone or music player. Songs that you are fond of will help you to ease off. But you should keep in mind one important point: music should not be sad, because by that you will only make things worse. Let the music be cheerful and life-affirming, let it inspire you.

Shift your Focus

Think about something or someone nice. It can be a book, some place, person: it does not matter. The point is that you will shift your attention on the good memories or will read a good book, meet up with a good person in a place that is your favorite one. Using this strategy, your bad mood will not have any chances to survive.


If your bad mood has a specific cause, try as much as possible to eliminate it. Do not wait for the moment when the problem will resolve itself. It won’t. Pull yourself together and solve it. Of course, you know very well that there is a way out of any, even the most complex situation. Tell your close friends about your problems, ask them to help you and think about what you can do in order to solve it. The action will return confidence in yourself, and this, in turn, will raise your spirits.In fact, there are much more ways to improve your mood than is given in this article. Try to find your own ways and share them with others. Very soon you will notice that the world is becoming happier and brighter.

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