A Memory Skill and Steps to Improve It

Being a student means learning tons of different information constantly. But what if you feel your memorizing abilities get worse and worse? A lot of different memory sharpening tips can be found. You have to try them and with a strong will and some practicing you will no longer have such a problem.

Confused person

Ready for a challenge?

The best way to improve your memory skill is always make yourself to think. Try doing some funny activities with your brains every once in a while. Learn words in a new language, solve a crossword or put a puzzle together. All this will make your head think and will surely be useful in improving your memorizing abilities.

Do something differently

Our brain often decide what is important to remember and what can be tossed aside. So this technique will surely be useful as it will improve our recall. For example, you may try a different route to get to the university or do some ordinary things out of the usual way.

Enough sleep

Sleep plays the key role in a memory consolidation, so no sleepless nights before exams! If you want to remember all the material and have no memory loss collapses during the important tests and exams, you better take care of your sleep schedule. Get 7-9 hours of a good rest every night, especially during your exams period.

Stay active

At least 20-30 minutes of a cardio workout twice a week has been proven to sharpen the memorizing ability. You can visit a gym a couple of times per week, or you can just try jogging, cycling, swimming or any other activities. Besides, sports exercises will also help you to deal with the stress and anxiety feeling during the hard studying process.

Stay active

Be social

We all know that constant stresses and depressions are the main reasons of a bad memory. Social interactions are necessary while deadline with these conditions. So try to meet your friends and family as often as you can. Don't close in yourself, go out and be more social!

No multitasking

Can't find you keys again? It's probably because you haven't paid any attention when you put them down. Of course, tending to manage everything at the same time usually leads to forgetting about something important. Our brains usually need 8 seconds to process a piece of information. So if you put your keys somewhere while talking over the phone, most likely, you will not remember where you left them.

Get organized

Yes, it's one of the most necessary points in memory improving. When you have everything scheduled, the chances to remember all the important things will be higher. So make week plans, to-do lists every day and try to organize everything in your life.



You have to give yourself and your brains a break sometimes. And doing the things you like will be the best way. Also, try meditation as a form of relaxing. It improves your focus and concentration and leads to the memory abilities sharpening as a result. Try all these easy steps and you will surely see the positive results very soon!

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