An Impressive Presentation: Steps to Make

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Almost everybody knows how to make a usual Power Point Presentation. We may think it doesn’t matter how it looks and whether our audience finds it interesting or not. However, it is possible to make an impressive presentation, but not a usual and boring one. Here you will find a few pieces of advice that may be helpful.

1. Introduce Yourself

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s better to introduce yourself to the audience, even if they are your groupmates or classmates. Name yourself and your topic; say some words explaining your choice if you need.

2. Questions

Just after the introductory part, allow audience to ask any questions during the presentation and tell them that you, of course, will try to answer them. They may even interrupt your speech, in case they have to clarify something immediately. It helps to capture people’s attention and let them understand that they can also participate, and not just listen.

3. Less Text

Try not to put all the text of your speech on the slides. People won’t read it anyway. Moreover, the big amount of text distracts your listeners and they usually start checking their mailboxes during your speech. Place several key words on the slide to put an emphasis on the most significant aspects of your topic.

4. More Pictures

What can attract people? Sure, pictures! Add more photos and images related to the topic instead of text. It can also be some diagrams, graphs and anything else to illustrate your speech. This is how our mind works: we prefer bright colors and beautiful pictures (or, at least, “expressive” graphs). Even more, it helps to use mechanisms of auditory and visual memory, so your audience will surely remember something when the presentation ends.

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5. Posture and Gestures

Yes, your posture and gestures actually matter. Try not to fold your arms (it indicates your self-restraint), take a pen or pencil, and make some gestures with your hands (but not very actively, as it irritates people or they just focus on your hands instead of the presentation). Just relax and your listeners will be sure that you are absolutely self-confident.

6. Ending

After you have finished with your speech, you may ask people whether they have any questions (even if they asked some during the presentation itself) and answer them in case they do. They can also express their opinions concerning your performance. Finally, say “thanks for your attention” and you can be sure that you have done a great job!

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