Hugs as relationships markers

Hugging from the back

If a guy stands behind a girl and hugs her on her waist, it means that he wants to protect this person. Such type of hugging shows that two people are important to each other, each of them cares and trusts his partner.


When someone taps you on your back while hugging you it shows his/her friendship. It is a comforting gesture, there is nothing intimate or romantic in it. It is common for a guy to hug his friend in such way. If a guy taps a girl on her back when hugging her, it shows that he cares about her and is ready to be her friend, but not more.


Face to face

It is very hard to look into other person’s eyes when there is almost no space between two of you, it is much easier to touch with your foreheads. Subconsciously this hug shows that you really want another person to understand you, as his/her opinion is important to you.

London Bridge

When hugging this way people are standing very far from each other. They are touching only with their arms and shoulders, their legs stay on the furthest possible distance. When you look at two people hugging like that they may look like a bridge to you. Those who are hugging this way are not comfortable with each other, there is no trust between them and no one wants to become closer to his/her partner.

Distant hug

Eye to eye

The most important part here is an eye contact, it seems like two people are trying to look into each other’s souls. Of course, it is a signal of a big trust between them, big need in each other, it is quite possible that they are in love and are seeing themselves as soul mates.

Pocket man

In this one a person put hands into another one’s back pockets. People who hug like that are completely comfortable with each other. You might be a perfect match if you are easily able to go into your partner’s pockets and otherwise!

Puppet hug

In this type, one person hugs as strong as he/she can, while his/her partner just allows to be hugged, as if he/she is a puppet. Of course, there is no harmony in such relationship, as it is not mutual. Whether it is considered to be a friendship or a romantic relationship, there is something wrong about it.

A lock

When hugging this way two people hold each other as strong as they can, there is no space, not even air between them. Such hug shows that people are afraid to lose each other, the bond between them is very strong, one person means so much to another one and they are afraid that if they unlock the hug they will let another person go. As someone has said, “You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug”. And, as everyone wants to feel love and care, everyone wants to be “wrapped”, it is not a surprise that free hugs movement is so popular all over the world – even if a stranger hugs you, you automatically feel a little better and start to smile.

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