Drinking Guru: How to Drink Wisely

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In case you were always wondering how some people or even nations can drink so easily without getting drunk or having a terrible hangover afterwards, this article with some wise and useful tips is definitely for you!

Today we are going to observe this issue in general, not specifying on any drinking peculiarities of some kinds.

The party mood is in the air and people start buying tons of beer and something more expensive or you are just in a bar with friends who decided to have fun tonight and you cannot reject them - with some special hints and tricks you will know how to stay sober and even survive the night!

Tips to Bear in Mind

Prepare your organism. No, it is definitely not a psychological preparation when you are tuning your own body that nothing bad will happen, but a good care of it so that you do not suffer afterwards will be great. That time has already passed when teens wanted to get drunk as soon as possible, now people understand the importance of their health state and want to take care of it. However, the customs of drinking stay the same.

  • Drink enough water before THAT day. The most common food that makes you dehydrated is sugar, caffeine and sodium. And never, never combine those liquids containing such substantives with alcohol. It will not only harm your organs but kick you out of drinking game right in the first seconds;
    Drinking Water
  • Eat more before drinking. And in this case, the greasiest the food is, the more helpful it will be for your stomach as well as the whole organism. However, mind what you will drink as some beverages might very well go with food and make you get drunk faster (as wine) but all in all this method is really helpful. If for some reason you do not want to or cannot eat much, use this method of bread with an abundant amount of butter. The fats will help you absorb alcohol much easier and more effectively;
  • Rest before the important night! Of course, if you drink when being exhausted or tired after some hard work you will be much more likely to lose the ground and eventually fall asleep, the tired people are not good drinkers, neither they are good dancers;
  • Make sure you are allowed to drink alcohol so it does not mess up with your prescribed medicine. This is very important and you definitely should take care of this part beforehand;
  • Have a buddy to take you back if needed. Drinking is a very dangerous process that may suddenly cause you vomit in someone's yard or wake up in a doghouse. Therefore, always have a person who will watch you and whom you will watch if anything unpleasant happens;
  • Do not mix! Be a professional drinker, only teens and people who are too immature to know the real taste of alcohol can mix different beverages. You are, on the other hand, a true connoisseur of beverage and you know how to enjoy the drinking process and not gulping everything in large amounts.
    Also, avoid sugary alcoholic drinks as already stated. They will only make you drunk in a few minutes but also give a marvelous hangover in the morning;
  • Have a good authority. If you are a person in your friend's circle, whom people listen to and take into account what you said, there will be no problems in saying "no" when someone offers another glass. If not yet, better work on it.

In case you feel like no limits have been applied this time, scold yourself in the morning, and take a tablet of 200 mg ibuprofen and a glass of water and go have some sleep, preferably in your own house. However, everything comes with experience. Just remember that with the body you treat right now you will have to live the rest of your life. Take care of it well.

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