Writing on Gender Issues in the Modern World

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In our times, the struggle for the rights is elevated to the absolute. Asserting your rights is a correct case, but going to the court, if you think that something hurt your feelings isn’t the cure as well. Gender conflicts is still a big problem in the modern world. Writing about them without offending anyone requires a high skill. How can you write about the sexual issues in the conditions of up-to-date times?

History of Gender Issues

For the better understanding what is happening now with the gender issues, you should mention the causes of their establishment. Describe in a brief how the sexual inequality appeared in the world. You can mention the social position of a male and a female from the ancient times to the current years. What was the idea of the woman’s destiny? For example, it was believed that the main aim of a woman’s life was her family, children and housekeeping. The men were busy in making money and politics, also they had more rights. A lot of stereotypes from the era of patriarchy still exist in people’s minds.

Suffragist Movement and Feminism

It is also worth mentioning the movements for gender equality. Basically, they are dealing with the female rights. Women’s suffrage movement began at the end of 19th century, and the members of this movement fought for equal voting rights both for male and female. This is a political trend of feminism. You can describe for what feminists are fighting now, what organizations exist that can help to defend gender rights. Show your opinion about their activities: perhaps, you know any examples or cases of gender inequalities that can assess the productivity of these organizations.

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Double Standards

You don’t need to think that sex discrimination issues are faced only by women. Men also face such problems, but in our world there is a concept of double standards. Thanks to them, there is a stereotype, for instance, that a man can’t be the victim of a domestic violence. Although, such situations are not the exception in our life. In addition, the term sexism assigns not only to women but also to men. This topic is very interesting in the current conditions. You can remember or google the examples of double standards and gender inequality. What can be the solution to fight double standards?


Media is making a significant contribution to the dissemination of information on gender inequality, but sometimes it is becoming a huge problem itself. Media is shaping the public opinion. The most recent example is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard or the situation with Kesha. Both females after a long silence have confessed about the beatings, but many resources haven’t believed women and kinked the situation. We will not judge their actions, but the media has played a very important role in these conflicts. You can also recall the sexist advertising of the 50th. The blog of Californian designer Cynthia P. «Do I Offend» will help you to find examples. Such advertisements also had strongly influenced the minds of many people, and created the wrong perception of females in the society.


When you write about gender issues, you need to remember that your right ends where the rights of another person begin. Do not take it personal. You shouldn’t extend the allegations, if you have no evidences. Any post on Facebook is public and it can at any moment become viral. Even if your opinion is very critical, try not to offend anyone, and be tolerant in your speech.

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