A Manual Guide on the Art of Being Friendly for Misanthropes


Being a people-hater does not necessarily mean not being able to communicate, sometimes it is simply your own not willing to do that. Yes, we are trying to call you a true curmudgeon who does not care about what other people think but for some reason realizes that he will not survive like that anymore. The only reason you have a right to hate mankind is when you have a very high position so it does not harm you at all... Or you live on an inhabited island.

If you suddenly realize that you hate some separate human species (or all), do not rush to define yourself as a misanthrope - sometimes this can save the rest of your happy life.

How to Survive in Society

Naturally, those kinds of people are mostly common to be disgraced by the society. Why? Because they do the same. And no, they are not all that cool like Dr. House from House, M. D. and sometimes they really have to be more kind and sociable in order to get along with others. Another fact: misanthropes do have friends and partners - they are not always alone, living in their old house and hating every living being. It is just the making new acquaintances that comes hard to their hand.

Nevertheless, with a good attitude and strong willing, the process of becoming more friendly and sociable may not be so painful. Here are a few tips to make it happen until you get used to it.

  • Realize why you need to make some efforts. If you are reading this article, it already carries a message that you want some changes in your sociable life. Define for yourself why you need to be more friendly and set a goal to be achieved;
    Making Efforts
  • Be willing to continue. It is a common thing that happens to all people - they simply give after a few tries. Realize that the changes do not come that fast, sometimes you need to
  • Smile. Yes, that movement you sometimes make when seeing someone fail is technically a smile too, however, another kind of. Train in front of a mirror, you will master it, we are sure you will;
  • Get involved in people's lives. Yes, life stories of other people can be interesting, no matter how much you hate being in a circle of people talking about themselves;
  • Get down to earth. You are not the center of the universe. In case you do not want to feel all the enmity towards your personality, do not put yourself at the top of humanity (at least do not tell anybody about that);
  • Help other people. Sometimes volunteering is the best thing to understand how much goodness you can do in life. A range of activities to do is wide: from helping your grandma in household to working in the refugee centers. The main thing is that you have to like it. At least just a bit;
  • Do not try to hate anybody if they have the same clothes (interests, wishes) as you. Of course, you are an individual but you still live in a society and we tend to have similar tastes, that makes us find soulmates, not enemies;
  • Be willing to talk. Being friendly means talking to people you do not really like and would never approach if not willing to be more "normal". Only your inner wish to communication will help you to be more social and friendly towards people. Because if you really want to communicate, people feel it and of course they will tend to do it too;
  • Admit you are not a misanthrope. Being skeptical to all and everything does not mean you belong to the unrealistic kind of humans that hate other humans.

Just bear in mind: you do not have to be another person in order to make some friends; just be yourself and have an opened mind and heart for those who are near you.

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