Fast Reading: Exercises

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Do following exercises for about an hour everyday or at least several times per week and you will be able to read faster.

Killing the Inner Speaker

Inner articulation is one of the main enemies of the reader. When we are speaking in our head while reading a book we are limiting our speed. We read with the same speed as if we were reading aloud. In order to deal with our inner articulation you should do following exercises (they do not take much time, just 10-15 minutes will be enough):

- From Ten to One

Count in mind several times from one to ten in relatively high speed. Make sure that you are counting and not losing the count. Then, while continuing to count start to read a text. Watch yourself not to switch to reading. All of your attention should be dedicated to counting. Of course, it is impossible to read in such situation because, unfortunately, you will not understand much of what you have read. In this situation, our brain cannot work according the scheme it is used to: to see the text, then to say it aloud in your head (inner articulation) and then to understand it. The only way out is to reject this speaking in mind and learn the new way of comprehending: to see the text and then to understand it. Skip the unnecessary step. You may also sing a song you know by heart if you do not like to count.

- Obstacles of Speech

The scientists discovered that every language has its own music. This music has its own rhythm. You can destroy the inner articulation just by following the rhythm of the music of language while reading. Do this, while reading a text reproduce with a pen on the table the following rhythm: beat (pause), beat-beat (pause), beat (pause), beat (pause), beat (pause). The sound will prevent your inner articulation. After regular repetition of this exercise you will have a feeling that you are starting to understand and discern words without reading them.

Getting Rid of the Lazy Eyes

People read slowly just because the look at every word as they read horizontally. In order to develop a speed reading skill, you should learn how to mention only some words in a sentence and not all of them.

- Fight Fire Using Fire

Choose the text you want to read. Write it or type on the computer in the way that every new line will be longer than previous one. As a result, it will look like a triangle. After that, try to read the whole text just by looking at the middle of it and moving from the top to the bottom of it. Do not move your eyes left or right.

Apple in Focus

- Perfection Here and Now

You can also develop peripheral vision on the street or at work. For example, when you are sitting at the table, focus your view on the certain object. By looking only at it, try to understand what is happening near it.

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