An Essay on Philosophy: A Brief Guideline

Philosophy is considered to be a universal science, so students with a lot of majors will need to study it. As Philosophy belongs to humanitarian sciences, the most frequent assignment on it is an essay. In case you are not fond of Philosophy and you do not know what to start with, the following advice will help you to cope with the task faster.

A Greek Philosopher

The Topic Selection

The first thing you should do is to select the topic for your essay. There are some eternal questions human beings have been trying to answer to since the beginning of mankind: What is life? What happens after a person dies? What is the sense of life? Does everyone have its call on the earth and how to understand it? What is love and kindness? What are the true values that should be considered?

You may choose any of the questions and cover them from the philosophical point of view. Make sure that your topic is neither too wide nor too narrow. If you have a limit of a few pages, you will be able to cover just some surface information on a wide topic, or you won’t be able to find enough information for the narrow one.

Making the First Steps

First Steps

If you already have the topic (either suggested by professor or chosen by yourself), it is time to think of what you are going to write on it. The best way not to get stuck is the following:

Step 1: Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as possible concerning the topic you have. Ask about the certain words it includes, about the issues your topic is connected with etc. For now, your task is just to write down all of the questions even in chaotic order.

Step 2: Organize the Questions

Now, look what you have. The questions may be grouped as they deal with the same point or aspect of the topic. The groups of questions will form the subcategories of your plan, and you can easily build an outline based on them.

Step 3: Answer Your Questions

After you have an outline, which sets the order in which you need to answer the questions, just go ahead and find the answers. You may benefit from the references, reliable sources, your personal understanding. It is necessary to write the concise responses to the questions, so your essay will be informative and balanced.

What Is Required for Writing of an Essay on Philosophy?

Every well-written essay on Philosophy has two main elements: information from sources and your personal point of view on the issue. You should start from the theoretical basis from sources and only then it is appropriate to speak your own mind.

  • Sources

    There should be classic and modern sources in your works cited list. There can be online or offline references, but all of them need to be reliable and academic. It is a good idea to link your essay to the theories of famous philosophers, add some quotes, and summarize their views on your topic.

  • Your Personal Opinion

    The first thing you need is understanding of the materials used. If you have read and got the point of the sources on the topic, you already have your personal point of view on it as well. Do not be afraid to analyze the respective scientists’ approaches, or even argue with them. However, write clearly and support your thoughts enough so they can be taken into account.

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