Essay on Feminism: All You Need to Know to Write an Essay

There are times when you have to write something on a topic that you don’t really know, so that you can't make head or tail of it. If you have to deal with a concept of feminism and you know as much about it as a pig about pineapples, here are some thoughts that you can use to accelerate your own mental process and get to better understanding of the question.

  1. Back to the drawing board

    Feminism as a social phenomenon has a great influence on the development of human society. However, every historical fact has its own implicated reasons that you cannot see at a glance. It was the wife of the US President John Adams, Abigail Adams, who said: “We will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation”. This phrase is thought to be kind of a slogan of the early years of feminism. Actually, the USA is the birthplace of this socio-political movement. Feministic processes in America have always had a really complicated and deep nature. So-called “Women’s liberation” was born there. You can start your essay with giving some information about the genesis of feminism and its basic concepts, such as sexual equality in different spheres of human life. It would be sound practice to start your story from the very beginning of the feministic history.

  2. Too good to be true?

    To be honest, the position of the weaker sex today is much better than it was several years ago. In European countries life of an average modern woman has a lot in common with the one of an average modern man. Nowadays, women can get a good education, they can vote during all the elections, hold public office, drive cars, hang out at night, smoke, drink and do whatever they want without any political restrictions. It seems like an old feministic dream finally came true. A brand-new species of human being is a woman who thinks and acts like men. Some people call her “go-getter” or even “careerist”. She is not keen on marriage or having children as it is not the way for her to become happier. Now imagine that every girl thinks and acts like that. It would be the end of the concept of family that could lead to degradation of human nature as family is the source of energy and peace for every person. So is the feministic dream worth it? Think about it and figure it out.

    A Woman Careerist

  3. Pay-your-own-way

    Frankly speaking, sexual equality is quite a controversial topic. Hearing this words, most of people might think about right of female suffrage, right to education and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, we must understand that this concept includes not only rights but also some duties women have to obey. The most common example is a duty to split the bill in a café. If we are talking about equal rights, it is obvious that a woman should pay for herself. However, this part of feminism is not that appealing for most of the representatives of the weaker sex. It is so typical of people to be in denial about the facts they don’t like. So, is it fair that in the modern world where women can vote, drive and work, men are obliged to pay for women? It is yet another question you have to find an answer for.

    Paying in Restaurant

  4. Change of gender roles

    The other aspect of feminism you are to bear in mind is that it can lead to the change of gender roles. We have already understood that nowadays many women tend to behave like men do. And it is not surprising that some men have also started to act in a feminine way. It comes out even in love relationship. Boys and men are more passive, they don’t know how to make the first move and break the ice. As famous German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer admitted: “The more masculine a man is the more feminine woman he needs”. Unfortunately, today it is observed a lack of real femininity as well as of real masculinity.

Here are only some tips that will stimulate your cognitive processes and help you to understand more about the nature of feministic phenomenon. Understanding of a topic is a key to a successful writing.

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