Reasons Why Students Drop Out

Students in Classroom

Entering college is only the first step in higher education. Very often after the year of studying, it becomes clear that one is not ready for it. That is why so many students drop out. They are all aware of college importance. Here are major reasons that force young people to quit college.


It is true that payment for college is incredibly high today. Often students even have to drop out if they can and like studying because their parents cannot afford it anymore. Maybe, a member of family lost a job or unexpectable needs that demand a lot of money occur, for instance, someone’s serious disease. Also, there are divorced couples and a single parent can’t afford to pay for kid’s education.

Student’s Work

Many students start working at an early age in order to pay for their living or studying, as parents cannot support them with money. It leads to worse learning and material memorizing as young people are usually tired after work. Moreover, working students are, as a rule, late for lectures and are not able to get a material or miss control tests as well.

Bad Company

Students Smoking

One of the common causes, why one drops out of college, is a bad company impact. It affects young ones, and they start missing lectures, ignore teachers, start smoking or do drugs. Sometimes, college students do all this because they get too much freedom which they didn’t have at home. What’s more, the reason for such behavior can be a simple desire to look better and cooler in front of fellows. 

Wrong Direction

Sometimes, after several months learning student discovers that he had chosen a wrong profession. Maybe, parents forced him to do this or friends, it doesn’t matter. The point is one gets bored during lectures and understands that it is not what he wants to do in the future. Nevertheless, it is not that bad. The earlier student discovers that direction is wrong, the less time he spends on unnecessary things.  


It happens that conflicts with group mates or teachers occur. In some cases, they are serious, and students are forced to drop out. In that case, it is better to involve parents and try to solve such problems instead of running from them.

Health Conditions

It is true that many young girls decide to leave college because of pregnancy. Moreover, they cannot get back even after giving a birth to a baby as a body is weak, and a child demands a special care for a long time. Furthermore, sometimes students start to suffer from various illnesses that have to be immediately treated and therapy is pretty costly. Sure, that in such cases young ones quit college and take care of health.

Personal Problems

It can be different, from family budget crisis to a relative’s disease. In certain cases, students decide that getting a job is better right now, or they are preparing to create a new family.

To sum up, before dropping out, one should talk to parents and only after that make a decision. Remember that it is a significant step which will change your entire life.

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