Things to Do in Your Dorm

Student in a Dormitory

For most of students, dormitory is a place for resting and doing their homework. Although there are lots of things to do if you have enough spare time in order not to be bored, but spend your leisure with pleasure.

# 1 Sleeping

Being a student isn’t an easy thing and most of them don’t sleep enough because they do homework till midnight, chat with friends or go out and party. But doctors say that everyone should sleep 6,5-7,5 hours per day. If you have enough time, better skip watching TV, but sleep in order to be more productive later.

# 2 Organize

If your room looks like a mess, try to organize all the things you have and put everything on its proper place. Otherwise, other people might think you’re messy while entering your room and that doesn’t create a good impression, especially if you are a girl.

# 3 Clean

After organizing all the things, you can clean them, as tons of dust on your TV or laptop is a real shame, as well as your dirty clothes. Try to make your room look stunning, so everyone who enters it will want to have the same one. Try to be a good example for everyone else.

# 4 Small Notes

Another nice thing to do would be to write some small notes about your neighbors and stick them to their doors. You can write some nice things about them or wish them to have an amazing day. That will surely make them smile and will make your relations with others better.

# 5 Be Creative

Try to do something you’ve never done before. You can paint, knit, cook, sing… but make sure you don’t annoy anyone with it. Your dorm room can easily turn into gym. Try to do some exercises or fly-yoga.

# 6 Invite Others

If you have one or more best friends, ask them to come and spend some time with you. You can make some tea and buy cookies and spend time together talking about something you like or watching TV series. A great idea would also be to cook together and share with others.

# 7 Get a Job

Nowadays, there are lots of possibilities to work without leaving your own room. So it would be a great chance for those who don’t have much time but still want to earn money.

# 8 Read Books

Reading is a good way to become more educated. Besides, you can choose your favorite genre or author. If you read at least 1 book per week, you will be a great conversationalist later.

All in all, there are so many things you can do in a dormitory and spend your time with a great pleasure so now you can choose those which you would like to do the most.

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