Descriptive Writing: an Essay on Love

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Even if you are a master at composing essays, one day you may stumble upon an assignment where you need to describe an abstract notion or feeling. It is a particularly hard task, since these types of themes are perceived differently not only by separate cultures, but also may differ based on upbringing, gender, outside influences and experiences of the person. Here are a few tips on how to describe a notion as complicates as love in a brilliant essay.

Make a Diagram

If you are unsure where to begin, start with a diagram. Write down the word love, and around it jot down all the associations you can think for this word. For example, in the first circle that envelops your theme word you can write down such words as “people”, “emotions”, “set phrases”. From the word “people” it will be easy to make a connection with “family”, “friends”, “love interests”, “favorite actors” and so on. Leading from “set phrases” there might be arrows pointing at “star-crossed lovers” or “love at first sight”. Such a diagram will help you see all the details, themes and shades that an abstract notion can have.

Dose Your Essay

Sort out the useful information from the blatantly useless, basing yourself on your brainstormed diagram. For example, you could prioritize the facts, or circle the words that interest you and that you can develop into a paragraph or two. If a word has no arrows sticking out of it, drop it or erase it entirely. Think about your narrative and how will you fit the facts and stories you have in it. You need to dose your essay so that a notion does not get too much space or makes your essay completely change your title.

Structure and Refine

Let us say you have decided to write about parental love. In such case, structure your essay according to the facts you have. You could start off with some biological facts that prove that paternal love is an instinct all animals have. In the second part of your work, provide some examples from literature, culture, mythology, cinematography that can become a strong chassis of the example of paternal love. At last, you could describe the feelings that originate from such love: protectiveness, devotion, pride. Maybe, provide a few examples when paternal love has led to sacrifice.

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Add a Drop of Personal Information

Talking about something in abstract is incredibly hard, and dry facts tire the reader. If you want to ring the bell of emotion in the heart of the reader, add personal facts to your essay that can make your description stand out and evoke empathy. For example, in an essay about first love, you could tell about your crush on your classmate, and an essay about doomed love would be incomplete without a heart-wrenching story about your favorite pet turtle dying in a fatal accident.

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