Short Essay on Cyber Crime: Effective Approach

The Matrix

Modern world is shining with pixels. Pixels everywhere, virtual reality is filling the air and in order to get something real, like clothes or pizza, we only need to click on a few buttons and voila! It may be a fairytale sometimes, but at the same time virtual world possesses the same kinds of threats the real one does. In case you are trying to compose a short paper on cyber crimes, here are a few aspects to cover in it.

How It Works

You can start with a real-life story about how someone (or maybe even you) was dragged into the spider web of cyberbullying. This will give an illustration to the writer about what should be avoided and how internet crimes may look like. Was it a letter that notified you that you have won something? Does it only need you to click on the link or do the offenders need some more information from you? Did they break into your Apple ID or did they hack the server of the website you know? List down the shapes that cyber crimes can take, as they are numerous and mainly do not look very harmful or threatening.

Why Do They Do It?

Specify the reasons why cyber crime has become a problem. Mainly, of course, the reason is to get access to the money or to make someone else pay the bills, however, it is just one of the many cases.

What Shapes Can It Have?

You need to list down everything that is considered to be a cyber crime and elaborate a little bit about each. The cases of the cyber crime:

  • Spamming
  • Cyber fraud
  • Hacking an account or a server
  • Piracy
  • Virus attacks
  • Harassing or sending threats
  • Sharing the personal details of the user
  • Cyber stalking
  • Money Laundering
  • Phishing

Even one of these crimes can already result into a huge money loss, not mentioning them all together. Knowing that you cannot be protected from the invisible threat definitely lowers the level of trust among Internet users. However, there are at least a few ways one can react to such actions, so make sure you include them into your paper, as well.

How Can One Fight Against Cyber Bullies?

Everyone should understand that their reaction should not be passive, but on the contrary, it should be proactive. One person can, instead of simply deleting the spam, report about it to the e-mail server. Antivirus software should be our helper in a war against so-called worms. And, of course, one should be very careful with trusting any personal or payment info to the unfamiliar servers and public websites like social networks. The lack of awareness is the reason why people do not react in the way that is helping to detect and catch the bullies.

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