How to Change Your Life: Practical Recommendations

Mess on the Desk

Does it happen to you when you switch your laptop or PC on to do some work, notice new emails, answer them, switch off the computer and then remember that it was not what you were going to do? Or maybe you wanted to write a message to your friend but forgot about it because you were stuck with watching newsfeed in Facebook.

Is It Really What I Was Going to Do?

It was not really what you were planning to do. What will be the consequences of your distraction? When you turn on computer once again you will have to do the work you planned before. Nevertheless, you will also answer all the new messages or e-mails which you received after you responded to the previous ones accidentally. You may think that you did a great deal by clearing of your mailbox. However, you just created even more needless conversations.

Awareness does not prevent you from answering your emails. Give yourself a moment to think about what your plans were about. Then you can ask yourself: "Is it really what I wanted to do?" Just keep on asking this question to check if you are not distracted by something unnecessary again.

Learn to Say "No"

Inability to say "no" may result into you being in a state of always feeling tired and overloaded with tasks. That is why it is rather important to learn how to refuse somebody's requests. Remember: everyone has a right to say "no". Use it.

How to Refuse?

In case you do not know how to reject the request politely you can say a version of this phrase: "I would be glad to help you, if I had time. Unfortunately I won't be able to do this work fast and efficiently because of certain circumstances." That's all. Your friend will understand that there is no way you can waste your time on their worries. That is the way you will free yourself from work which you do not need and do not want to do.

Deny Multitasking

Multitasking seems to be tempting as it creates the illusion of saving time. That is why many people may at the same time talk on the phone, write emails and watch the tendencies on stock exchange. Be careful: you are closer to make a mistake by multitasking, despite the fact that you may feel as a king of the world by solving many tasks at the same time.

The thing is that our nervous system is made in such way that our brain cannot physically concentrate on two tasks at the same time. When speaking about multitasking in general, people think about ability to switch oneself quickly from one task to another. If both tasks are routine and easy, then multitasking may work. Otherwise, for example, when you speak with a smart person and calculate the balance sheet results both of tasks will suffer from your multitasking, and you will, too.

Multitasking Mom

Finally, set your priorities and follow them. If this is really what you want to do then you will keep on changing your life until it satisfies your desires and needs.

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