Carefree Life or Pink-Colored Glasses?

Through Rose Glasses

Student's years are considered to be the happiest and carefree, because at that time young people's aspirations are directed not only to self-development, study and search of oneself, but also to search for new emotions and impressions. At the same time, some of us consider students to be practically idlers, the other of us consider them very responsible and busy people. Let us see what position is right, and is student’s life really carefree?

Just note that everyone has their own concept of lightheartedness and ease. And everyone creates the rules of life. Therefore, it is impossible to speak about general carelessness or saturation of student’s life. But still, we will try to understand this issue by the example of the most common myths that have been roaming in our society for many years.

  • Myth #1. During the study, you can organize a party every evening: go to a nightclub, arrange gatherings with friends, etc.

    Refutation. Of course, such a course of development of the situation is possible, but it is rather an exception than the rule. Education in the university means not only attending lectures, but also preparing independent work (diplomas, coursework, essays, etc.). And this means that after classes a certain student needs to spend a certain amount of time, at least to search for the necessary information, and as a maximum – to analyze the material found, and to express the opinion on its basis. So there is not much free time for students. Therefore, in the evening, a feast fit for a king will be difficult to organize not only physically, but also morally.

    In addition, not every student can afford to spend a large sum every day for a banquet in a restaurant, expensive cocktails in a nightclub or a mountain of products for the dinner in a dorm.

  • Myth #2. Studying in universities today is so easy, that even the most dim-witted person can master modern studying programs.

    Refutation. Of course, modern programs are built to optimize the learning process. Therefore, if you do tasks on time and plan your time, then you will not have much difficulty.

    Of course, no one will insure you from several sleepless nights, a complicated subject, a professor with a difficult character. But it will be difficult only for the first year, and then you will see the work of the studying system live, learn how to rationally use the time, learn the features of each professor teaching and you will almost not feel any discomfort.

    But not everything is so simple. The fact is that the modern education system assumes that the student will look for most of the information on the subject independently. And this cannot be done without the skills of self-learning and the desire to acquire new knowledge. So stupid and lazy people, as before, have nothing to do in the university.

  • Myth #3. Life in the dorm is better and more fun than in a private apartment.

    Refutation. For those who did not live in the dorm, it is associated only with noisy companies and entertainment (because there are no parents, and there is a whole bunch of friends). In fact – this is just one small puzzle of a large mosaic:

    1. First, the territory of residence should be shared with other students (both good and bad), and this is inconvenient;
    2. Secondly, there is always a lot of noise and fuss in the dorm, which hinders your studies;
    3. Third, the lack of personal space and the need to "adjust" to someone provoke conflict and psychological imbalance in the team.

    And this list can be continued indefinitely (for example, the lack of a personal bathroom, the possibility of stealing personal belongings, a common kitchen, etc.). Therefore, modern students prefer rented apartments to university dormitories (if, of course, financial opportunities allow this).

  • Myth #4. One does not respect those who study well and diligently.

    Refutation. This prejudice has long become outdated. Of course, individuals with a deformed system of moral values can afford to insult other people. But nobody is insured from such people anywhere. Smart people are loved and respected everywhere, especially in the student environment, where one often looks for someone, who will explain the incomprehensible theorem or tell what the previous lecture was about.

  • Myth #5. If you did not get enough sleep at night, you can safely take a nap at a lecture.

    Refutation. This episode can be a well-staged scene for a feature film, but in reality, students should be very lucky to close their eyes somewhere in the back row for at least a minute. The fact is that almost all professors today use an interactive form of the lecture. Students should not only record, but also participate in the discussion of questions, offer their own answers. So, it is almost impossible to sleep unnoticed.

How to Make Your Student Life Problem-Free?


If your student’s days are unhappy and tense, then you can make them bright and almost carefree in this way:

  • Properly plan your time and do tasks on time;
  • Attend, if possible, all lectures and make contact with professors;
  • Try to prove yourself well at the beginning of your studies, then there will be more chances for "indulgence" in the future;
  • Increase your motivation for studying, doing assignments every day, and repeating the goal of your studies (career growth, getting your favorite profession);
  • Be sure to pamper yourself in your spare time and do not steep in studies;
  • Develop yourself culturally (visit exhibitions, museums, conferences) and expand your horizons.

Student life without worries is more a myth than a reality. Of course, the person grown wise with experience, which "suffocates" in the modern rhythm of chasing money and social status, will remember the time of study in the university as carefree and cheerful, despite minor troubles. But for yesterday's pupil, the student’s life will be filled, first of all, with painstaking work.

And yet, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, the student’s years are a very cheerful and unforgettable time. After all, you will meet many interesting people and get a great life experience. A diploma will serve as a start in the professional field.

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