Being a Careerist – What Does This Mean?

A Careerist

Careerist is a kind of people who in addition to their work focus on building their career. Also, it is a person who takes care of the career as well as any other person cares about their health. So, how to be a careerist?

Choose an Inspirational Goal

Generally, a social climber doesn’t care about a comfortable way of life and the improvement of living conditions. An ambitious person would not dream about changing the Ford Focus on the Volkswagen Passat. It is a very small step for creating tension and motion energy. The careerists dream of a luxurious Porsche Cayenne. Come on, pick yourself a cool car, put its photos on Facebook and write "The goal for 2020".

Get Out of a Comfort Zone

Many successful people many times collapsed in their careers: they were fired from their jobs, they divorced and lost their families, they lost their apartments, they were betrayed by their friends. Once they were thrown out of their comfort zone, and being there for a long time, made them use to not be afraid of difficulties and challenge their fate. So start with small steps and go ahead. Right now eliminate sugar, coffee, and stop using a lift.

Read Books About Other Careerists

Books About Career

A good book about building a successful career is not written yet but you can read the books about entrepreneurs who have created themselves. Almost 99% of their experience can be taken into attention for making your own career. Start with books of famous writers that can be read very easily: Yevgeniy Chichvarkin, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, and Elon Musk.

Look for Your Talent

The careerists from all over the world have one thing in common: they found their talent and thanks to it, have succeeded. Jobs was a fan of the design, Gates – a prudent geek, Branson - an extravagant person. Exactly the same is with their businesses. Talent can’t be copied, you can only find your own and unique. But that is not enough. You still need to learn to apply it in real life or career. The situation is complicated by the fact that we can’t realize it on our own.


You must always compete with those who are next to you. Especially when it refers to your talents and interests. The careerists can’t lose. They have to look for ways to win. No matter what you do, you've to be better than the other people. Determine the main gage of success in your profession, and compare your results with others. Always try to be the best.

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