How to Write the Best Story


Listen to Your Heart

Sometimes, while reading the stories, we realize that they are not interesting, i.e. they are boring. That is why we lay it aside and, eventually, forget. Such stories are not sincere and honest because the authors are not open-hearted, they only write to increase quantity. So, the most important part of the story is your attitude towards writing. You need to love it, respect and feel every word. It is like a connection between you and your text. Just imagine that you are talking with your best friend. Do not forget to open your heart and let your emotions and thoughts out. Remember that readers will feel your mood and what kind of person you are.

Preparation for Writing

It is vital to know that you cannot just sit down, open your textbook and begin to write your story easily. Every work requires some steps to be followed. First of all, you should find the materials. You can go to the library, use the Internet, read some magazines or books and communicate with people. They can always help you to get some ideas. Do not be afraid of asking your teacher, parents, and friends for help. All people have different kinds of stories, which can be useful for your composition.

Analyzing and Searching New Ideas


After your persistent research, you should include all information you have got, compare and give vent to your feelings. It is necessary to note that you should not copy or use someone else`s thoughts and views on the situation without citation. It is your own story, which should be brand new, remarkable and breathtaking. In any case, plagiarism is illegal. So, you can be caught and punished. Cool and fresh thoughts may come in any minute and anywhere. That`s why it will be perfect to have a notebook near you. By the way, if you realize that you have been working for too long, try to have some rest and relax. For example, being on your own, drinking a cup of coffee or walking in the forest can stir your thoughts. Besides, you may change your style of life or daily routine, what is also helpful.

Write Correctly Without Mistakes

Nowadays, we often see texts which are full of swear words, grammatical, lexical and punctuation errors. Of course, we do not want to read texts of that kind, and we cannot trust that writer. It is really important to remember that everyone can look through your story. If you value your reputation, you must write not only for your friends who understand you but for your parents, teachers or colleagues. Do not forget that even children can access your work. Finally, after finishing your story, you should reread it loudly many times. It will help you to find some more minor mistakes. After all, share it with your closest people, and get their opinion and pieces of advice. Only after that, you may publish it. 

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