Celebrating the Most Memorable Graduation

Graduation Hats

A day which we partly dread and partly await anxiously, graduation is another step in becoming an independent member of society. Our friends and our parents are expecting this day with anticipation, and the same goes for our poor teachers. Celebrating the four life-changing years is no easy task, so here are a few tips on how to organize your friends and create the most magical farewell.

Lanterns of Wishes

Now that you are leaving university, you surely have a lot of hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires, right? The fun ceremony of writing your innermost wishes on paper lanterns and watch them float away into the evening sky is a tradition that originated from Taiwan. Organize your friends and fellow graduates to participate in this simple ritual. Not only it is a way to figure out what are your biggest wishes at a new stage of life, lantern launching is also a breathtaking sight that will remain in your hearts and mind for long years to come. However, keep in mind that you and your friends should be safe and responsible during this event, as it involves dealing with open fire.

Future Plans

Another entertaining thing to do with your college friends is to gather everyone together and let everyone write a message to put into a simple glass bottle or jar. The message can be a long letter to your friends, or a detailed answer to the question “Where will we be 10 years from now?”. The more friends will participate the merrier! After everyone has written a sequel to all of your lives, estimating how many goals you will all achieve, seal the bottle or the jar shut and place it somewhere, where it can lay safe for the next 10 years. Promise yourselves that you will reunite after 10 years on a particular day, to open the jar and read out the letters or messages that you have written to your future selves. It will be a day to remember, and a remembrance day rolled in one.

Message in Bottle

Honor Your Professors

Professors have been a huge part of your life in college, and some of them were there with you almost every day. It might seem strange, but from now on you will see them rarely, so it will be a nice thought if you could honor and thank them in some way. It could be a joint photo album with your class, a scrap book with your quotes and messages for your favorite professors, an account of how much you have learned. You can even throw a small party, where each of the students could make a little speech on how much teachers have meant to them during these four years. Keep in mind that your professors are also people who have emotions, and they absolutely have grown accustomed to some of their students, and it is also bittersweet for them to see you leave so soon.

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