The Role of Women in the 19th Century

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It is not a secret that for the centuries woman was considered to be weaker than man both in physical and mental terms. Despite today genders have equal rights and freedoms in most countries, things were different only several hundred years ago. In this article, the role of woman in the 19th century is discussed and compared with modern conditions. These statements may be used by college students for making a historical analysis or research or just enlarging their knowledge about the past.

The Role of Diploma in a Student’s Life


Which benefits have we after the graduation? Of course, we get knowledge and skills with the hope to apply them to practice after having found a decent job. Also, there is a diploma, which allegedly shows and proves that we have such baggage in our heads. Sometimes, students with a lack of money or academic skills do not have an opportunity to receive a diploma. Is it possible to find a worth-of-your-attention job without this paper? Let’s think.

Games and Cinema in Modern Culture


No secret that information technologies have jumped headlong in their development since 40’s and it will continue to be so until the end of times. We are interested in how IT influence entertainment – games and cinema – and how these two influence each other.

Descriptive Writing: an Essay on Love

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Even if you are a master at composing essays, one day you may stumble upon an assignment where you need to describe an abstract notion or feeling. It is a particularly hard task, since these types of themes are perceived differently not only by separate cultures, but also may differ based on upbringing, gender, outside influences and experiences of the person. Here are a few tips on how to describe a notion as complicates as love in a brilliant essay.

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