How to Make Study Days Interesting: 9 Tips

Pupils at School

The first of September has finally arrived. Infinite learning and breaks that always seem to be too short, hated homework, tutoring, and a small amount of leisure time are waiting for you. But maybe things are not so bad as they seem? We have prepared some useful tips on how to make the everyday life not boring and monotonous.

Teenage Drinking Problem

Teenagers Who Drink

Today, we’re going to talk how drinking problem influences students’ life and what makes teenagers want to drink again and again. Statistic proves that over 50% of American teenagers tried consuming alcohol from 12 to 20 years old and gender doesn’t make any difference here. Another statistic shows that nearly 40% of all car crashes are caused by drunk teenagers. It has also been researched that teenagers who tried drinking when they were young have more chances to keep drinking when they turn into adults.

Second Hand Smoke Essay

Person Smoking

Everybody has met with such event in their everyday life. It is hard to disagree that such situations aren’t occasional. We become victims of second hand smoke at the bus stations, near the shops or even in school yards and still have no tool to fight against this problem. Maybe, the worst is that usually kids suffer from it, especially when their parents are active smokers. Second hand smoke usually results in heart and lung diseases, cancer, acne and so on. Here are some arguments that prove harmfulness of it and show that results may be terrible.

Summer Weekend: How to Relax


Summer… A wonderful possibility to spend your weekend on a beach or at a park on your own or with your friends. But what if you are bored of lying in the sun? And the parks have already made you weary… There are some ways how to spend your summer off–time jovially and unforgettably.

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