Argumentative Essay Writing Prompts

Argumentative paper will be the most assigned task during your studying at college. There is no wonder why it is so popular. Apart from developing your writing skill, you will be able to learn how to prove your opinion, structure valuable arguments, open and close a discussion – all in one argumentative essay. One of the most significant requirements to this type of paper is a proper topic. Here we suggest several topics for you to write about and the recommendations for you to follow.

Topic 1. Can Robots Substitute People?



Open the topic with an explanation of rapid development of technology and the means of how it makes the people’s life easier. Technologies modify everything around us to a great extent, as well as jobs that were usually performed by people.

Main body:

  • The main functions and skills of robots.
  • Which professions can already be automatized or performed by robots?
  • The human abilities that are still not accessible for robots.


Close the discussion basing on your arguments about the human and robots cooperation in future.

Topic 2. Social media and its influence.


Select your point about social media. Do you agree that it is a big step in future communications? Or does it distract us from a normal life? Or, maybe, it makes no difference for you at all?

After you have chosen the side of the issue to support, think of the arguments, which seem strong enough for you.

Main Body:

Build the paragraph on the arguments that you have developed. For example, if you agree that social media plays a crucial role in society today, you may broaden these points:

  • Social media has made our communication faster and more diverse.
  • We can reach more people with our message than with the help of the means that were used before.
  • Social media is a great supplementary method of communication, which allows us to receive more information and send out more materials, as well.


Summarize what you think is the most interesting and significant in your discussion. Also, you may outline the future of the social media and the ways of its impact during the next decade/ century etc.

Topic 3. Paper Books VS E-books



Outline the situation that we have nowadays: although the e-books are gaining their popularity daily, paper books are still often used all over the world.

State your point and indicate which type of books will survive in future.

Main body:

Depending on the point of view, which you defend, try to find valid argument for or against the e-books. For instance, if you prefer digital version of books to paper copies, consider the following ideas for your main body paragraphs:

  • Convenience of e-books: you cannot carry 100 paper books in your hands while their digital copies can be stored in less than 1 Gb.
  • E-books are accessible through any device and you can read them everywhere.
  • E-books are easier for online purchases as they do not require shipping and you can get them right away after paying.


Make a suggestion of the perspective for the type of books, which you supported and summarize your points.

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