Another City. How to Diversify the Everyday Life of a Student. Part 2

3. Collect All Necessary Information About the Place of the Trip

Tourist in the City

One follows the other, and as you have probably already understood, you need to collect all important information for you in order to protect yourself from all sorts of unpleasant adventures that often lie in wait for a person in an unfamiliar city.

Be sure to take a map of the city with information about the sights that you would like to visit. Another thing is important: when you visit unfamiliar places, always learn the history of the creation of a building, paintings, etc. This will give you invaluable help and more understanding when you see the art object you have chosen. It is not for nothing that in fact, stories in schools are taught so that children have an idea of where they live and why they live just like that, and not otherwise. In your case with the trip – all the same.

So, let us summarize: collect all the information you need so that the trip to another city was more predictable for you and practically without any possible problems.

4. Take with You a Minimum of Luggage

Do not take with you a full bag of things, especially if you go to a foreign city for only one day. You only need to take all the essential: documents, money, tablets, photo and video equipment. That is all. You can also take with you a player with audiobooks if you value your time spent on the road to the place of your journey and on your way home.

After all, for sure, if you are a student, you will go to another city either by train or by bus. For more distant travel, you need more financial means and more time.

So, do not load your shoulders with unnecessary things, concentrate on the most important ones. In the end, you go for impressions. It is better to take care of the most important thing for a successful trip to another city, namely about the photo and video equipment.

Take spare batteries with you if your device works with them or buy an extra battery to always be able to change the discharged battery to a new one. Accordingly, do not forget to charge your batteries before the trip.

In fact, very often young people (students) during the preparation for a trip to another city on the emotional wave forget about batteries for their technique. And this is the most bitter – to travel a few hundred kilometers and not be able to capture new beautiful places.

However, if you still forget about your technique, then you definitely will not leave your home without the phone. It will help you, because there are a photo and video cameras in most modern phones. But it is better not to forget your camera and camcorder to be sure that the quality of your pictures will be acceptable for viewing at home.

5. Get Enough Sleep

We want to say about the mood with which you will go on a trip to a new city. Again, if you become nervous during the preliminary preparation, it is possible that you will be hard to fall asleep the night before the trip. However, you just need to sleep to be in good spirits in the morning. In this connection, finish with all the preparation for the trip for 5-6 hours before going to bed.

During this time, you will calm down and be able to sleep well without the undersense that you have forgotten something. Before the trip, sleep 7-8 hours to be full of energy for the upcoming impressions of being in a new place for you.

Perhaps, you will not sleep well, worrying that you will not have enough money. Just calm down, it is the issue that can be solved.

If you will follow these tips, then your journey to another city will be unforgettable for you and will remain in your memory for many years. Good luck on the trip.

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